Monday, April 25, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report April 16th to 22nd 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 73%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 18%, Other Species 52%

BILLFISH: This week was another slow one for marlin with a gorgeous full moon not helping either.  Pisces Rebecca was one of the few boats that had a good day on April 19th off of Punta Gorda.  Jon Svendsen and Jean Hubler, repeat Pisces anglers, did very well to release two striped marlin, one a baby 60 lb’er and its bigger brother at 130 LBS with ballyhoo and a blue and white lure doing the trick.  The day before this, Rebecca was again one of the few boats to find marlin, on this occasion at Medano Blanco, a nice fish over 180 LBS that took a live caballito.  Not only did they catch this large striper they also caught a wahoo for the Feasler family from Michigan.  Nobody could say that the crew on Tracy Ann doesn’t try; they headed out forty two miles with the Desmarais family from Connecticut on board and were rewarded with the release of a striped marlin.  They were also kind enough to fish out a 30 LB turtle that was wrapped in a plastic bag and return it alive and well to the water.  Pisces Valerie had an active day for Dennis and Tracy Bohrer from Wisconsin; first off they caught a 130 LB striped marlin at Los Arcos, and then had fun at Migrino catching nine triggerfish, three ladyfish and three mulejinos.  Several other boats did see marlin and even hooked them, but getting them to the boat was another question.  Pisces anglers caught a total of fifteen striped marlin this week.

OTHER SPECIES:  Just a few yellowfin tuna were caught this week and were not anything to write home about at 5 to 10 LBS.  A couple of sharks were caught this week, one was a 60 LB pilot shark aboard Valerie and a 150 LB hammerhead shark was released from the panga Poseidon by French angler Luc Trasleglise. We remind anglers that a ban on catching sharks will go into effect on May 1st; all sharks have to be released between May and July.  More than half of the boats caught good quantities of smaller game this week.  The most numerous fish to be caught were ladyfish, followed by grouper, triggerfish, babosas, mujelinos, then sheephead, skipjacks, amberjack and red snapper.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, seas a little choppy with wind coming up in the afternoons.
LOCATION: Migrino, Margaritas, Los Arcos, Punta Gorda, Medano Blanco, Destiladeras, Pozo de Cota, 11.50.
BEST LURES: Caballito, white/blue, ballyhoo, jurelito, green/white.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report April 9th to 15th 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 85%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 31%, Tuna 6%, Other Species 77%

BILLFISH:  Marlin numbers were up slightly from last week, but are still nowhere as good as we would like them to be.  We checked last years’ fish report and saw that it was pretty much the same as this year.  The weather is still pretty cold for this time of year and it has been rather windy on the Pacific side, which could be a contributing factor.  Captain Orlando out on his 28 ft. Andrea started out the week well, as he heading to the 11.50 spot and Punta Gorda with Andres Villafante and friends from Mexico on board; they were very fortunate to release two striped marlin, one a baby at 40 LBS and the other perhaps it’s daddy at 140 LBS.  They also caught and released a 90 LB pilot shark on live caballito.  This same day Bill Collector had an action packed day, fishing a little further up in the Sea of Cortez at Destiladeras with our very own Melissa Espino and friends on board.  They were able to release a striped marlin, hammerhead shark snapper and couple of triggerfish.  We were surprised to see a couple of early season sailfish, but then again water is warmer than normal. Adam Padgett released a nice 75 LB sailfish twenty five mile out from San Jose aboard Pisces Listo.  On April 11th the crew of the Tracy Ann were able to show off their marlin skills and were able to release a couple of striped marlin that were estimated at 130 & 160 LBS at the 11.50 spot from New Jersey anglers the Moore family.  Another boat that had a two marlin day was Andrea for David Mays, who got both of his fish also at the 11.50 spot on live bait.  There were plenty of boats that spotted marlin but just could not get a hook up. Pisces anglers caught a total of 19 billfish this week; all but one released.

OTHER SPECIES:  Where the marlin lacked, the smaller game took up the slack with multiple catches possible of a variety of fish in a day.  Let’s take the Andrea with the Zelms from Arizona aboard: they released a large 220 LB hammerhead shark, and caught a sheephead, 6 ladyfish, 2 grouper, 3 triggerfish and 2 pintos.  Or Tracy Ann fishing at Migrino on the Pacific for the Murray party; they caught 12 grouper, 10 babosas, 2 sheephead, 6 red snapper, 1 ladyfish, 2 mulejinos and 1 sea bass in other words a total of 35 fish on a day trip.  One of the most enviable catches was aboard Hot Rod who caught two wahoo for John Pritchard.  There were some tuna catches this week but the fish tended to be small at no more than 15 LBS and catches of up to eight fish, usually at San Jaime.  A couple of small dorado were also caught.  To summarize plentiful catches of grouper, triggerfish, ladyfish, some snappers, sierra, skipjacks, yellowtail and sharks.

WEATHER: Partly overcast, windy, seas average.
LOCATION: Punta Gorda and 11.50 for marlin, lighthouse to Migrino for smaller game.
BEST LURES: Live bait, petrolero.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report March 26th to April 8th 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 84%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 19%, Tuna 5%, Small Game 80%

BILLFISH: Marlin have been conspicuously absent from Cabo the past couple of months with just a few caught each week and though many more were sighted, getting them on a hook was a real challenge.  Nevertheless towards the end of this report we began to see more of them and more anglers were rewarded with hooks ups and some even had multiple marlin days.  It looks like things are about to change!  Pisces Bill Collector had an outstanding day for Todd Huerkamp and Laney Dobbs from Texas, fishing of Punta Gorda, where they manage to release THREE striped marlin on live bait, in the 100 to 130 LB class.  Yahoo had given up on the day and was heading back in when they were able to hook two striped marlin just three miles off of Lands’ End for Scott and Jim from Chicago.  Andrea was the only other boat to have more than one marlin in a day, with a double header for Dane & Blake Wilson from Montana.  Our boats caught a total of twenty six marlin this week, with many others spotted but not tempted.  However, Pisces anglers caught plenty of fish this report easily adding up to over 1,000 fish, between all the different smaller species.  In a way it’s been good that the marlin have been slow, as captains have been forced to try new techniques and fish for other species, developing skills that may have rusted a bit when the marlin is so plentiful.  Some of the best catches were the mixed bag days that was perfect for families fishing over Easter as everybody on board got to catch something.  A group visiting from New Jersey, fishing aboard Bill Collector and managed to release a striped marlin as well as a 150 LB pilot shark for the group headed up by Don Michael.  Lake Schiefelbein and family had a great time on Ruthless released a striped marlin at Migrino then caught eight groupers, six ladyfish and a yellow tail.  The Staver family from Chicago must have been tired after their outing on Valerie with a 160 LB striped marlin released as well as twenty one triggerfish, two groupers and a roosterfish to boot.

Eighty percent of our charters caught small game fish this week, though a few boats did get “skunked”, mainly those that opted for a half day.  Those that took the full day had a bonanza on triggerfish – fun on ultra-light tackle- roosterfish, snappers, lady fish, Barbosas (slimeys), jack crevalle, sheephead, skipjacks, jack crevalle, sierra and various types and sizes of grouper.  One of our pangas released a 150 LB hammerhead shark for Tom Kledzinski from Chicago, who also caught three skipjacks. Twenty eight foot Andrea had a busy day with anglers from Reno, Nevada on board, with a pilot shark released, fifteen ladyfish, three babosas and a grouper.  Pisces Tiburon (which means shark) aptly released a large hammerhead shark for Mark Shmiedl from Ohio as well as good numbers of trigger and lady fish.  The Saline’s and Bienkowskis from California fished together on Andrea and released a 100 LB thresher shark, eleven ladyfish, a grouper, yellowtail, ten triggerfish and two babosas.  Tracy Ann had a nice day catching eight groupers, two of the unusual and beautiful sheephead, plus trigger and ladyfish.  Yellowfin tuna catches were slow with just five percent of boats finding  this species.  Bill Collector was able to catch fourteen up to 25 LBs at San Jaime for Sam Sheriden and friends from Canada.  The Richter party from Fayetteville, North Carolina were out with the crew on Knot Workin’ who are tuna aficionados – they got the anglers into the tuna and managed to land eight up to 40 LBS.  Pisces Adriana caught a really nice 56 LB grouper for the Stephenson’s from Colorado who also caught another grouper, two sheephead, three red snapper, eight ladyfish and a couple of triggerfish. 

WEATHER: Quite windy and overcast some days on Pacific, now clear and flat. Calmer seas on the Cortez.
LOCATION: Pacific for smaller game and tuna, Migrino, Margaritas, San Jaime, marlin starting to show up on Cortez side between Santa Maria and Punta Gorda.
BEST LURES: live caballito, ballyhoo, bait chunks, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report March 19th to 25th 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 92 %
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 23 %, other 65 %, Dorado and Tuna  10 %

We are seeing more Marlins as long as we are moving forward to April and Striped Marlin peak season; some of the Stripers are starting to be spotted over the Sea of Cortes such as Chileno and the 95 fishing spot, even though the moon waxed in the middle of the week we had good action. Pisces 42ft “Yahoo” released a Striped Marlin using mackerel as live bait, estimated weight 130 lb. at Pozo Cota  for John & Ryan Hurst, Julie Keller and Rachel Gunderson visiting from Reno, Nevada. Pisces 31ft “Tiburon” got tight lines with a Striped Marlin (130 lb.)  for Gary Muisuf's group  and  Pisces 35ft “Listo” commanded by Captain Benito made the day for the Smith's  Family from British Columbia, Ca. releasing a Striped Marlin (130 lb.) in the same spot Pozo Cota, Pacific side. With consisting numbers in previous reports “Hot Rod” 42ft vessel released three Striped Marlins more outside of La Bomba, estimated weight 100, 130, 150 lbs.  John III, James, and John Jr. Mattingly from Granite City, Illinois were excited!. “Yahoo” 42ft Pisces gave the fight with another Striped Marlin! (130lb.) and  twelve Trigger fish at Cerro de Arena and  Pozo Cota for Susan Reif and William Tomrose from Pen Valley, California. Pisces 35ft “Knot Workin”vessel got tight lines for a Striped Marlin and three Yellow Tails (10-25 lbs.) at San Cristobal and Margaritas for Eduardo Roldan's group visiting from Mexico City.  Pisces 35ft “Valerie” had a great day releasing a Striped Marlin at Migriño (140lb.) twelve Lady Fish, twelve Babosas and four Groupers (6- 8 lbs.)  Good action for Mark Holmes, Scott Selby, Kevin Thil, John Renner and Phillip Barbosa from Atlanta, Georgia. Pisces 42ft“Yahoo” one more time!, released another Striped Marlin (140 lb.), eleven Trigger Fish and Skip Jack at Faro Viejo from Jim Farr, Eileen Adams, Dan Morgan and Lynne Adams from San Antonio, Texas. Pisces 28ft “Andrea” released two Striped Marlins (130 lbs.) outside of Chileno and the 95 spot for Steve Lanser, Joe Lanser, Hong Nguyen, John Lanser. Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” got another Marlin at the 95 spot with live bait for Thomas, Thomas Jr. and Gregory Madsen from Minnesota. Twenty three percent of Pisces anglers released a total of 16 Striped Marlin all Marlin were successfully released.

Yellow Tails made the fun to young family Roldán Acosta and friends visiting from Mexico City, aboard the 35ft “Knot Working” with Captain Tito.
OTHER SPECIES: Yellow fin tuna and Dorado still in slow numbers however Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector” brought three Yellow Fin Tunas  (22lbs.) and released a Pilot shark at San Jaime for Derek, McKenzie Kline and Cameron Hutchnes from Reno, Nevada.  On March 19th “Bill Collector” ran again at San Jaime and got nine Tunas and another Pilot shark successfully released for Joe, Victoria Barnes from Alberta, Canada and on March 21s one Dorado and Yellow Fin Tuna (20lbs.) for Kirk and Graham Baker from Dallas, Tx. Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” reeled a 20 lb. Wahoo at La Antena for Ida  Gustavson's  group from Colorado. As to bottom fishing, this still booms in different fishing areas over the Pacific side:  Pisces 28ft “Adriana” got twelve Groupers (15 lbs.) three Estacudos, eight Lady Fish and one Scorpion fish for Gino & Nicolas Gerbasi from Chicago, Ilinois. Pisces 28ft “Andrea” got a 25lb. Yellow Tail, two Sheepheads (15 lbs.)  Red Snappers, four Babosas using bait chunks at Gaspareño for James Vaughan, William Carlisle and Samuel Gore visiting from Alaska. Pisces 31ft “Cabolero” did its magic  releasing two Jack Crevelles, two Roosters and one Spanish Mackerel estimated weight 15-20 lbs. Pisces 31ft “Ruthless”  got one Red Snapper, two Groupers (20 lbs.), good size Sea Bass (30 lb.)  and six Trigger fish for Randy Smith's family, visiting from Tennessee.
Ten percent of our Pisces Anglers brought 23 Yellow Fin Tunas and one Dorado, The 65% percent with an incredible variety of species: Triggerfish, Amber Jack, Yellow Tail, Ladyfish, Groupers, Spanish mackerel, Rooster, Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Jack Crevelle, Sheephead, Mojarra, Babosas and Scorpio fish.

LOCATION: Margaritas, Pozo Cota, Los Arcos, La Antena, Chileno, 95 Spot

WEATHER:  Clear Skies, some days with light winds


BEST  LURES: Live Bait: Mackerel for Striped Marlin Lures: Cedar Plugs For smaller species: Live bait chunks

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report March 12th to 18th 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 34%, Other 55%, Dorado and Tuna   9%

BILLFISH:  The Striped Marlin increased four percent compared to last week, the crews are seeing more Marlin in the surface, some of them no interested in biting but more attracted with live bait such as chancleta and mackerel, also we are seeing good sizes from 130 to 180 lbs.  Pisces 28ft “Andrea” released a Striped Marlin, eight Trigger fish, six Lady Fish and a Sheep head fish at Migriño over the Pacific side for Josh Bailey and Karman Waquespach from Mansfield, Texas.  Pisces Panga 25ft “Poseidon” released two Striped Marlin estimated weight of 130 to 170 lbs. in Balmaseda for Eric, Payton and Preston Herleth from Texas State.  Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” got tight lines for Tom and Taylor Yancey from California releasing one Striped Marlin, six Trigger fish and six Skipjacks at Migriño and Cerro de Arena using mackerel as live bait.  “Ruthless” vessel again with Captain Beto released two Striped Marlin (150 lbs.) and six Trigger fish at Los Arcos, Pozo Cota and Migriño spot for Dan Owens, Jayme Owens, Stacey Connelly and Kelsey Schneider from Centennial, Colorado.  Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann vessel gave to our good lady friend from Oklahoma Linda Smith an exciting day: Striped Marlin, a Pilot shark, ten Roosters (10-20 lbs.), eight Trigger fish, seven Grouper (10 to 20 lbs.), six Lady fish and three Red Snapper at Pozo Cota. Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector” as well had a busy day reeling a Striped Marlin, two yellow fin tunas, estimated weight 20 to 40 lbs. one Pilot shark and a 25 lb.  Dorado over the 240 spot and San Jaime for the Wade's family coming from Tennessee:  Bobby, Helen, Caroline and Bobby Jr. Pisces 31ft “Tiburon” released another Striped Marlin with Caballito bait at Margaritas for Kenneth, Lisa and Brooke Marchbach.  Pisces 38ft “Speedwell” fought a Sailfish (80 lb.) at el Faro spot, for George Kappos and Michael Deckard from Ohio.  On March 18th Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” spoted a Striped Marlin (180 lb.) and one Dorado (25 lb) at Los Arcos for Robert and Treyson Eckman, from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Finally Pisces 35ft “Knot Workin” got tight lines with a Striped Marlin and two Yellow Tails (30 lb.) at Migriño for Robert Lane's group visiting from Big Bear Lake, Ca.  34% of Pisces Sportfishing anglers released a total of 23 Billfish consisting of 22 Striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish, all Marlin were successfully released.

Fritz Weiss aboard the 31ft “Tracy Ann” with a Ladyfish successfully released!

OTHER SPECIES:  Mahi-Mahi and Yellow Fin Tuna still in   slow numbers, however the ones brought-in are so valuable! Without question “Bill Collector” 32ft vessel has been working really hard to find this great eating fish.  The first day Juan Carlos ran twenty miles over the Old light house and got two 15 lbs for the Vaughn's family from Texas; On March 16th we got another two between 15 to 20 lbs. and a Pilot Shark at San Jaime spot for Joe and Victoria Barnes from Ontario, Canada.  Inshore fishing in the past week was with consistent numbers: Pisces 28ft “Andrea” got six Jack Crevelle from 15 to 20 lbs. and twelve sierras at Cerro del Golden  for Garret, Ashleigh Holder and Hailey Elam from Corpus Christi, Texas. Pisces 60ft “Shambala” got two Red Snapper, four Grouper (10 to 15 lbs.) and Triggerfish at Chileno for the Riley/McEvoy family from Morristown, New Jersey.  Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” gave a fun fishing day for the Weiss family from Houston, Texas, they fought five Roosters, eight Groupers (10-15 lbs.) one Sheep head, six Lady Fish and seven Trigger Fish all spotted with live bait at Pozo Cota.  Fifty five percent of our Pisces Anglers have released and brought some smaller species: 264 Triggerfish, 119 Ladyfish, 60 Groupers, 45 Sierras, 33 Roosters, 60 Groupers for mention some.  And the 9% total combined for Dorado and Yellow Fin Tuna.

LOCATION: Margaritas, Balmaseda, La Antena, Cerro del Golden, Chileno
WEATHER: Clear Skies, some days with light winds.


BEST LURES: Live Bait: Caballito, chancleta, mackerel for Striped Marlin and inshore, Lure: cuchis for inshore, 

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report March 05th to March 11th 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 74%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 30%, other 50 %, Dorado and Tuna 19%

BILLFISH: We have kept the same numbers that we had last week, the billfish is getting a bit closer over the Pacific side, despite the cold front that came from the North at the beginning of the week, with 28 mph heavy winds and unusual dust storms that kept us away from fishing one day, we managed to have billfish and inshore action!  Pisces 35ft “Listo” ran to Los Arcos, 15 miles over the Pacific side and reeled a 130 lb Striped Marlin for Steve Murchin, Colton Sudberry and Jason Rogers from San Diego, California.  Pisces 25ft “Poseidon” panga got two Marlin and Spanish mackerel with live bait at El Faro for Steve Kovach and John Massotust from California.  Pisces “Yahoo” 42ft Bertram did a great job and found a 180lb Striper at Los Arcos for Cliff Cook, Sam Smiley and Alan Wood visiting from Columbus, Ohio.  Pisces 28ft “Andrea” with Captain Orlando, got tight lines for the Koontz family from Mount Jackson, Virginia releasing a Striped Marlin at Los Arcos.  Pisces 31ft “Rebecca” got two Striped Marlin, estimated weight 130lbs at Margaritas spot for Scott Tudor, Heidi Lee and Nick Pinson from Seattle, Wa.  Both marlins were successfully released!  Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” released two good size Stripers estimated weight 150lbs, one Grouper and Lady Fish with mackerel bait for James McGuirk, Ryan Nolan and Tyler Wiebe visiting from Newbury Park, California.  On March 10th Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” traveled to Pozo Cota and spot Striped Marlin and Jack Crevalle for Sam and Keri Montgomery from Colorado Springs, Co.  Finally “Yahoo” 42ft Bertram again, released another Striped Marlin at El Faro for Douglas Ricken and Tanya Brockwell from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Thirty percent of the Pisces anglers caught 15 Striped Marlin, all successfully released with the exception of one Marlin.

Jack crevalles catch with mackerel live bait at Pozo Cota aboard 31ft “Rebecca” for Michael Littledike and friends visiting from Highland, Utah

OTHER SPECIES: Last week it was trigger fish all over!  This time is the turn for Jack Crevalle or toros (bull in Spanish), being the main catch for inshore, with sizes  from the 10 to 30lbs.  This fish is really fun to catch and excellent to eat. Along with it we have seen Trigger fish, Grouper, Spanish mackerel, Pompano and Rooster mainly all located over Margaritas, Migriño, Pozo Cota and Los Arcos over the Pacific side.  Only one vessel got a 30lb Dorado aboard the 35ft Pisces “Listo” with mackerel live bait at Los Arcos for the group of Chandler Vogel from Virginia.  Pisces 46ft “Attitude Adjusment” released three Jacks and a Rooster (20-30 lbs) at La Antena for the Maloney Family visiting from East Hanover, New Jersey.  Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” hooked five Jacks ranging from 15 to 20lbs and twenty Roosters from 15 to 35 lbs using rapalas, cuchis and live bait at Pozo Cota.  All released!  Pisces 38ft “Speedwell” had good fun reeling six Roosters and four Jacks for Richard Hutchinson, Ron Peaseleg, Todd Guptill, Zach Guptill, Dylan Hutchinson and Sarah Guimond all visiting from Maine.  Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector” ran 20 miles out from El Faro and got three 20lbs Yellow fin tunas using cedar plus for David Kersten´s group from Portland, Oregon and “C Rod” 38ft managed the same action with five 25lbs yellow fin tunas in Migriño, using live bait for Rob Chimko´s group from Vancouver, California.  Both groups were very lucky!  Pisces 31ft “Tiburon” got a Pilot shark, two Sea bass and six Lady Fish in Migriño for Michael Mains, Eric Messmer and Josh Bailey from Utah.  Fifty percent of our Pisces anglers got a huge variety of inshore fishing and the 19% percent combined of our anglers Mahi-Mahi and Yellow fin tuna.

LOCATION: Margaritas, Pozo Cota, Los Arcos, Migriño.

WEATHER:   Clear Skies, Heavy winds from the North, Calm winds later in the week.


BEST LURES:   Live Bait: Caballito, mackerel for Striped Marlin and inshore, Lure: Rapalas, cuchis for inshore.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report 27 February to 1 March 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 77%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 30%, Tuna 7 %, other 42 %, Dorado 7%

We start this week with an off season Blue Marlin spotted 27 miles over on the Pacific side, guided by Captain Ricardo Escamilla on Pisces 42ft “Yahoo”,  Tony Foth from Iowa and his friends were in search of Yellow fin tuna, when they spotted on the horizon Marlin on the surface.  Thinking it was a Striped, the crew set up a 40 lbs. test line to get it cast.  What was their surprise when they hooked a 180 lb Blue Marlin!  Pisces 31ft “Ruthless” vessel released the first Striped Marlin of the week over the Pedregal area, estimated weight 120lbs, good fun for Todd, Cindy Fink and Tonda, Steve Devault visiting from Saginaw, Michigan.  Pisces “C Rod” 38ft with Captain Abel spotted a Striped Marlin, over the Pacific in the 180 spot for Rob Standley's group from Zionville, Indiana.  On February 28th again the “C Rod” got tight lines for Steve Olmsted, John Foss, Michael Sigel, and Michael Dutton visiting from Minnesota releasing two Striped Marlin, using Caballito as live bait.  Pisces “Adriana” 28ft ran to the Old Light House and spot Striped Marlin for Michael and Amanda Carter visiting from Osseo, Minnesota.  Our “Tracy Ann” 31ft Pisces adds one more to this week, using the small sardine as live bait for the Bermel & Fenske Group releasing a Striped Marlin and bringing some Trigger fish as well.  Pisces 35ft “Valerie” released a Striped Marlin at el Faro for Doc, Diane Gover & Stephen, Patsy Holdefer visiting from Tennessee.  “Speedwell” 38ft Pisces with Captain “Piranha” and guests from Mexico's State Gabriel and Magally Sordo ran fifteen miles to the 220 spot for a Striped Marlin lured with caballito, being successfully released and a Pilot shark estimated weight 70 lbs.  “Hot Rod” Pisces 42ft vessel got tight lines for three Striped marlin at Los Arcos for Norm, Debbie, Danielle Wolfe and Brandon Satchwell, visiting from Alberta, Canada.  Good Job! Finally “La Brisa” our 31ft Bertram with Ray Winkler captain released a 150lbs. Marlin at Los Arcos for Neil Corella and June Robbins visiting from Florida.  Lots of action for billfish this week, all Billfish were successfully released. Thirty percent of the Pisces Anglers released 16 billfish, consisting in 15 Striped and 1 Blue Marlin.

Mike McCoy from Iowa had a fun day in the water aboard the 35ft “Valerie” boat, inshore fun with groupers, mojarra fish, lady fish catch.

OTHER SPECIES: Pisces 46ft Bertram “Attitude Adjustment” released a 100 lbs thresher shark at the Faro for Gary Evans and Ted Williams from Dallas, Texas.  We had some Mahi-Mahi action this week, Pisces 28ft “Andrea” brought a 28 pounder, 25 miles over the 210 spot for Sang Park, Jeff Son and Jae Byun from Los Angeles, California.  Pisces “Bill Collector” 32ft got another 20lbs. Dorado for guests Robert Snyder & Paul Nielsen coming from Minnesota.  For all the lovers of inshore fishing, big Trigger fish week! (chopo week) excellent for fun and food.  We are just starting to see all great inshore variety for Ladyfish, Spanish mackerel, Amberjacks and Groupers, Pampano, Yellow tail, Red Snapper over Pozo Cota, Los Arcos & Margaritas and sizes from 5 to 25 lbs.  Our friends from Roofing Supplies commanded by Kelly Woods did their yearly inshore trip in pangas and enjoying their catch next door at Captain Tony's Restaurant.  You catch it we cook it!  Three boats  took the risk and ran over 40 miles out to look for Yellow fin tuna, Pisces 31ft “Ruthless”, “Tracy Ann", and 38ft “C Rod” bringing each a 15 lbs.  Very slow compared to the amazing numbers we had a few weeks ago!  Forty two percent of our Pisces anglers caught a huge variety of inshore fishing and the total of 14% combined Dorado and Yellow fin tuna. 

LOCATION: Old Light House, San Jaime, 220 spot, 150 Spot, Pescadero, Margaritas, Los Arcos; Pedregal
WEATHER:  Clear Skies, Calm winds

BEST LURES:  Live Bait: Caballito for inshore, mackerel, sardinela for Striped Marlin, Lure: Cedar plugs

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report, Feb 20 to 26th, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate 70%

BILLFISH: We have had slow fishing for marlin and as we approach the March “doldrums”, they are certainly living up to their name.  A big moon did not help either, but that said the marlin were hard to locate anyhow.  Nevertheless our crews came through for some anglers that were in the right place at the right time with a hungry fish in vicinity.  First striped marlin of the week was aboard Pisces Valerie Mike McCoy & Dickson Ganstra from Iowa.  They were fishing in front of Margaritas on the Pacific and hooked a small 70 LB striped marlin which they released, followed by a 25 LB dorado which they kept.  To keep the anglers busy the crew set them up on light tackle & they spent the afternoon reeling triggerfish to the boat; the majority released.  Utah anglers Michael & Sandy Kelly, along with friends, were some of the lucky anglers to catch a marlin this week too; out on Pisces La Brisa on February 23rd, theirs was a huge striped marlin, estimated at 200 LBS, but thankfully released - they also got one yellowfin and eight skipjacks fishing at Los Arcos.  Adriana released a striped marlin for the Chilivetis family from Texas, which was estimated at 120 LBS as did Bill Collector, though theirs was a little larger at around 140 LBS.  Last marlin for us of the week was aboard C Rod, caught off of the Old Lighthouse with an approximate weight of 120 LBS, also released; angler was James Resendez from Texas.  Just 5 marlin for us this week, but thankfully all were released.  Smaller game took up the slack on most days and Pisces boats achieved an overall catch rate of 70% for all species combined, dominating the marina when most other fleets came back “skunked”. Our boys worked harder and went further.

OTHER SPECIES:  Yellowfin tuna were our saving grace this week with thirty percent of our charters catching fish in the 10 to 20 LB class, though some boats found fish up to 40 LBS.  Thomas & Brenda Reed from Louisiana headed out 30 miles aboard Pisces Andrea but were glad they did when they ended up catching twenty two tuna.  La Brisa had a good tuna day on February 24th, for Jeffery Pries and party from Michigan with seventeen tuna in the area.  Tuna champs of the week were a group of anglers headed up by Rory Anderson from Utah, with thirty tuna caught 25 miles from the Herradura.  We never thought we would see a week where triggerfish were the top catch but it happened; we had almost 200 this week- not exactly big game, but fun if you gear down to light tackle.  Small game accounted for the majority of our catches this week, dominated by the triggerfish but also with lesser numbers of skipjack, roosterfish, ladyfish, grouper, yellowtail, snapper, sierra and pompano.

LOCATION: Pacific from Cabo to Golden Gate, inshore Lighthouse and Margaritas, offshore San Jaime, Golden and 210.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, seas mostly calm.
BEST LURES: Live bait for marlin, cedar plugs and brujas for tuna, bait for smaller game.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report 13th to 19th February 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 82%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 8 %, Tuna 59 %, other 42 %, Dorado 9%


BILLFISH:  On February 13th David Mitchell and Bill Hicks visiting from Hobbs, New Mexico went out aboard the Pisces 38ft “C Rod” vessel, these lucky anglers reeled the first Swordfish of the season!, a beautiful 115 lbs spotted outside of  Jaime Banks using live bait.  There was a few Striped Marlin spotted outside of Palmilla area in San Jose del Cabo, a symptom of the fishing transition that soon will move over the Sea of Cortes to warmer waters.  Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” vessel traveled to Palmilla and got tight lines for Dan Cunniffe, Mike Ceseña and Jim McKenna that released 130 lbs  Striped Marlin with a large sardine locally called “sardineta”.  They were visiting from Pittsford, New York.  Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” again got tight lines the next day for Texas group Harry & Elizabeth Sturges, Charlotte & Brooke Pezell, which released another 120 lbs Striped Marlin.  Pisces “Rebecca” released a Sailfish, weight estimated 90 lbs, using a purple lure outside of Migriño for the group of Cindy Casso visiting from Kenly, North Carolina.  One more time hot “Hot Rod” vessel got  and successfully released one Striped Marlin, one dorado and a wahoo weight estimated 25 lbs about  40 miles out of the Hill for the Sturges group visiting from Texas.  Eight percent of the Pisces anglers released Billfish which consist in 3 Striped Marlin, 1 Swordfish and a Sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES:  Tuna still being the main catch,  Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector” reeled ten yellow fin tunas  between 30 to 45 lbs with cedar plugs outside of the Golden gate spot for Phil and Michelle Timothy from Utah.  “Valerie” 35ft Pisces vessel got tight lines on twenty three tunas at La Ballena spot, getting everybody in the action: Monica Vining, John Park, John Ernest, Morgan Harris, Elizabeth and Kris Sokolowski visiting from Atlanta, Georgia.  31 ft Pisces “Tiburon” traveled 44 miles out of the Hill and reeled twenty four tunas for David Ryan´s group visiting from Phoenix, Arizona.  Pisces “Rebecca” did good bringing twelve tunas between 10 to 30 lbs outside of La Ballena for George Schneider and Sarah Adamczyk from Alberta, Canada.  Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” reeled twenty six tunas 22 lbs outside of Pescadero and San Pedrito area for Joseph Kennedy, David Farrell, Walter Oates and James Hall visiting from Spartenburg, South Carolina, who were fishing with us many days and were so pleased with their catch!  As long as we move on to the season, we will see more inshore action, fun to reel, fight and release!  Panga 27ft “Tres Amigos” got red snapper, trigger fish, jack crevelle and roosters, 5 to 8lbs. for Phillip Rick and Anderson Bernie from South Carolina.  Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” got fifteen triggerfish and three yellow tails in a half day trip in Margaritas spot for Ray Washburn group from California.  “Adriana” 28ft vessel reeled twenty trigger fish, four snooks and two jacks in Margaritas for the Miller family.  Panga 27ft “Tres Amigos” hooked a rooster and needle fish for Sue Ferrell, Jim Hall and Anderson Bernies from South Carolina. All inshore fish were successfully released.  Fifty nine percent of our anglers caught 415 yellow fin tunas, the other 42% a variety of inshore fish: 68 trigger fish, 12 yellow tails,  4 snooks and a bunch of skipjacks, Spanish mackerel and a needle fish, only the nine percent reeled six dorados.

LOCATION:  Golden Gate, La Ballena, 40 miles out, 190 Spot, 37 miles of the Old light house, San Jaime, 230 spot, 150 Spot, Pescadero, Margaritas, Palmilla, 46 miles out of the 280 spot
WEATHER:  Clear Skies, Calm winds


BEST LURES:  Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, sardineta, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report February 6 to 12, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 80%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 12%, Tuna 61%, Dorado 11%, other 12%

BILLFISH: We had anglers strictly interested in targeting the Striped Marlin this week, did not care the tuna season is good!  Some of them were successful in reeling such a magnificent fish, other anglers unfortunately were not that lucky, however they tried and promised to return to Cabo and give a shot again!  The fishing stills at least 30 miles out and more, over the Pacific Ocean.  The Pisces “Andrea” 28ft boat released a Striped Marlin, weight estimated 110lbs. and six tunas for Tom Stein, Steve Magner, Phil Healey and Kevin Salts from Lafayette, Indiana.  The other Pisces 28ft “Andrea” did its magic as well reeling in 120 lbs. Striped Marlin almost reaching Todos Santos town at Elias Calles, for William Chapel's group visiting from beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana.  On February 08th “Ruthless” 31ft Pisces Bertram got tight lines with a Striped Marlin released and brought six tunas as well (18-20 lbs.) twenty five miles out of the Herradura for Brad Hall, Holly Meyer, Kevin Smets, Jane Riehl and Chinyere Abosi from Los Angeles, California.  Pisces 35ft “Listo” got a good size 180 lbs. Striped Marlin which was successfully released for James Heller, Josh Karr, Randy Hughes, and Jason Jiongo from Redding, California at El Faro spot.  Of course “Tracy Ann” our 31ft vessel released a160 lbs. Marlin and two dorados in Punta Lobos for Cory Pardon, Lana Nogosek, Dan and Robin Sedevie visiting from cold Minot, in North Dakota for sure enjoying our mild winter. Twelve percent of our Pisces anglers released a total of 8 Striped Marlin.

OTHER SPECIES: Yellow fin tuna still being the primary catch with football sizes and still quite far out over on the Pacific;  Pisces “La Brisa” 31ft vessel caught sixteen tunas, between 10 to 20 lbs. twenty six miles out of the Cerro for Donald Frederick and Sue Johnson from Houston, Texas. “Rebecca” 31ft Pisces got tight lines for Duane Moyer's group from Gilberts Ville, PA reeling thirty five tunas (ten released) outside of Punta Lobos using feathers and cedar plugs.  “Valerie” 35ft Pisces brought thirty five tunas (ten released) in front of La Ballena, for Mike McCoy from Iowa.  “Adriana” 28ft Pisces vessel went outside of the Golden Gate with Peter Menge and Lisa Rudick from Manitoba, Canada and brought eleven yellow fin tunas, estimated weight 20 lbs.  On February 10th the “C Rod” 38ft vessel brought a Wahoo of 20 lbs. very lucky as being the only wahoo catch, indeed happy anglers Katherine and Hudson Swaffard, Harris English and Helen Marie Bowers visiting from Saint Simmons, Georgia.  “Shambala” 60ft Hatteras had a run to Punta Lobos and got tight lines for the persistent group from Florida, Clayton Hummel, Abby Figueroa, Carlos Vasquez, Dan Kirkpatrick and Jeffrey Stewart and brought fifteen yellow fin tunas and the “Tracy Ann” 31ft Pisces ran forty miles out of the Old Light House for Daniel Carpenter from Montgomery, New York and reeled fifteen tunas as well.  The Dorado catches are being spotted with live bait such as caballito and we are seeing the football sizes from 18 to 20 lbs. excellent for a good dinner time.  “La Brisa” 31ft Pisces boat brought one mahi- mahi from Todos Santos for Jonathan Colton and Natalie Kresich from San Francisco, California. “Ruthless” Pisces 31ft brought another one between the 95 spot and 11.50 spot for the Padalia family from Tallahassee, FL.  And Bill Collector 32ft vessel brought four tunas and one Dorado 36 miles at the 210 spot for Mark Chiavetta and friends.  Sixty one percent of the Pisces anglers brought 397 yellow fin tunas, the eleven percent brought 8 Dorado and the other species the twelve percent, consisted in one wahoo and small trigger fish and skip jacks that where released.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, La Ballena, 190 Spot, 240 spot, 37 miles of the Old light house, San Jaime, Elias Calles,150 Spot, Punta Lobos, Todos Santos
WEATHER: Clear Skies, Calm winds
BEST LURES: Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.