Tuesday, October 21, 2014

La Brisa's Successful Rescue Mission

These three men are extremely fortunate, they were out in their privately owned panga off of Lands End, about two miles offshore, when their boat broke down.  They were local guys and did not have a radio on board or GPS.  One of the guys did have a cell phone and managed to call a friend who was a fisherman, to say they were in trouble and were about two miles off of Cabo, but could not give him an exact location.  The fisherman friend put a message out on the radio saying there was a panga broken down and drifting to keep an eye out.  At the same time ten boats begin a search and rescue mission.  Pisces La Brisa was done with their fishing day and started to head in with a group from Argentina on board.  Fernando Noyola is one of our youngest deckhands, so has sharper eyes than anybody, he thought he spotted something on the horizon.  Nobody else could see anything but he insisted there was something there and asked the clients if they would mind checking it out.  They detoured and headed out to the spot Fernando indicted and sure enough it was the disabled panga.  They had drifted fourteen miles out in just a few hours! As you can imagine they were extremely relieved.  When asked why they went to check it out, instead of heading home for a Sunday afternoon rest, Fernando replied “It was those guys today, you never know when it might be you."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Update: Day 1

TOURNAMENT UPDATE: Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is about to start their second day of fishing. Day one produced one qualifying billfish from the 14 teams participating.  Team Reel Gold, a 35 ft Cabo landed a 365 lb blue marlin making them the front runners. Team Estrella Del Norte landed a beautiful 180 lb tuna - these tuna experts look set to hold onto the Tuna Division lead, but let's see what happens in the next 48 hours. Only one qualifying dorado weighed in a little over 25 lbs on Minerva II. Ten billfish total for day one, 4 blue marlin, with just the one qualifier and six striped marlin released.  Day One winning fish photos below.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This is the Season of Los Cabos Fishing Tournaments!

October brings along a fantastic weather, with lots of traditional events, from Sammy Hagar’s birthday bash to Halloween’s big time celebrations, but let’s not forget the origins of Los Cabos: fishing!  Even though fishing is the sport you can practice every month in Baja, October is still the season where fishermen from all over the world flock to Los Cabos in hopes to catch the world’s biggest marlin & tuna, and not the least - to have lots of fun in the sun.
These are the Los Cabos fishing events you shouldn’t miss this upcoming fishing season:
1.       Los Cabos Billfish Tournament: 14 - 18 October, 2014 

The 16th annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is set to open the fishing tournament’s season.  It takes place on October 14 to 18, 2014, with actual fishing dates Oct 15, 16 & 17.  Participating teams will hit the water Wednesday, October 15, in hopes of earning some of the estimated $750,000 in cash and prizes by releasing the most billfish or catching the largest marlin, tuna, wahoo and dorado during the tournament’s three days of fishing. Weigh-ins and billfish release video check-in will be at the IGY Marina in Cabo San Lucas Waterfront next to the ramp at the marina office.  Winners receive an invitation to represent the tournament at the next IGFA Offshore World Championship. www.LosCabosBillfishTournament.com.
2.       Los Cabos Offshore Tournament: 17 - 19 October, 2014
This tournament pits anglers in a competition to top the previous year’s record, also known as the little Bisbee,  actual fishing takes place over two days, Saturday and Sunday and is seen as a great warm up for the main event – don’t be surprised though, this tournament can also payout a lot of money.  Cash prizes are awarded to the top three teams as well as the teams that catch the largest fish in three eligible billfish species.  Winners receive an invitation to represent the tournament at the next IGFA Offshore World Championship. www.bisbees.com
3.       Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament: 21 - 25 October, 2014
Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament is deemed the “world’s richest billfish tournament” with over $4 million in prize money.  Anglers from all over the world converge in Los Cabos to compete for a record marlin.  A traditional dramatic shotgun kicks off this fishing tournament featuring big cash prizes.  As they say, come for the fun, leave a millionaire. www.bisbees.com
4.       W.O.N. Tuna Tournament: 5 - 8 November, 2014
Fish Hard, Party Harder! is the slogan of this traditional Los Cabos tuna tournament.  There are so far  60 boats confirmed  & registered, with  the organizers expecting 100 plus entries!  There are still three weeks until the tournament, so hurry up, book your plane tickets, one of our famous Pisces Sportfishers and accommodation and register here: http://www.loscabostunajackpot.com.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pancho, the local sea lion and consummate beggar, is back!

You were asking us about Pancho, our local sea-lion and consummate beggar.  He disappeared after the storm but showed up a few days ago and we were glad to know he was safe and sound! 

But it wasn’t long before he was up to his old tricks: look what he did yesterday!  Pictured above are Christopher, Kevin and Ritch from Florida, who had a fantastic day aboard Tiburon, Pisces newest 31 ft. Bertram.  They caught &released 4 striped marlins (80-100 lbs), and caught and released several mahi mahis (dorados), and were already planning a fantastic dinner, but Pancho sneaked up on them and stole one fish!  He does look a little bit slimmer now, don't you think? Probably because he had to catch his own meals for a few weeks!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Father & Son Cabo San Lucas Tradition: Fishing

This past weekend we had an amazing time fishing and enjoying the perfect Cabo weather!  On Saturday we joined Stephen and Steve, father and son, on their Cabo fishing trip in search of tuna, sailfish and then some, and boy did we have fun!  Seems father & son fishing trips are a lucky combination, as our anglers caught a yellowfin tuna, a sailfish (catch & release) and 10 dorados, some released and some kept some for dinner.  One of the best father & son Cabo traditions and we look forward for the next trip with Stephen and Steve!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Making Dreams Come True

Not only is Cabo still standing we are continuing to make people’s dreams come true.

Pictured above are Henrik and Jane, who had their trip planned for a long time and they were coming a long way, all the way from Denmark in fact.  So they didn’t want a hurricane to get in the way of a goal that Henrik had been chasing for over 25 years and that  had taken him to such places as Guatemala, Galapagos, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand without success.

Despite a difficult journey to get here,  on Henrik and Jane’s second day of fishing with Pisces, they finally reached the goal that Henrik and dreamed of since he was a boy, to catch a blue marlin. Not only did he catch a blue marlin, but a sailfish too, along with some nice dorado. He was typically Danish stoic as we chatted to him early this morning, but was very happy as he told us that he had read Hemmingway’s Old Man and the Sea several times and hoped he would get another one today.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Cabo Strong

Everybody wants to leave the hurricane behind but we were given this photo today and had to publish it.  It says so much - it is a symbol of the resilience of the people of Cabo and the fishing community and a reminder that the mighty marlin & fishing is the foundation of what our town is built upon, something that Hurricane Odile could not overcome.  

We bumped into a couple of tourists today on the marina, who had arrived on the first flight by Alaska Air out of Los Angeles.  They told us that they were blown away by the reception they received, with mariachis playing as they got off the plane and about a hundred people to greet them; the young lady said it made her cry - but truly we are all excited to see our beloved anglers and tourists.

Photo taken on September 15, 2014, one day after Hurricane Odile struck Cabo San Lucas.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Fishing Report: September 29th to Oct 1st, 2014

Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

BILLFISH & OTHER SPECIES: This fish report does not follow our regular format as we have not been conducting normal business due to Hurricane Odile and now post hurricane lack of visitors.

As mentioned on our websites and posts, all of the Pisces boats are fine with only 60 ft Shambala suffering some minor fiberglass damage.

Since the storm we have had three trips so far, all of which were successful.

On September 29th Sean & Craig from Denver, Colorado went out aboard Bill Collector and caught 25 dorado (some released)  just off the Old Lighthouse.

Next day out Henry and Joe from Mount Pleasant, Missouri were aboard C Rod  our 38 ft Blackfin. They were determined to make it to Cabo to fish as it was Henry’s birthday.  Cabo did not disappoint and Henry was able to reel in a 300 lb blue marlin that took him and hour and a half to bring to the boat after it took a live skipjack at the Cabrillo Sea Mount.  Joe was fortunate to release a striped marlin that took a caballito.

On October 1st Henry and Joe headed out once again aboard C Rod this time going the opposite direction, off of the Old Lighthouse.  It wasn’t long before Captain Abel had each of them hooked up to striped marlin, this time on ballyhoo.  The fish were between 90 and 130 lbs and successfully released, while two dorado were kept for the table.  It was an exciting day as they had actually hooked a blue marlin that got away, plus an additional two striped marlin that jumped off.

Pisces anglers had a 100% catch success rate consisting of 3 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and 27 dorado.

WEATHER: Gorgeous, blue calm seas, skies now clear.
LOCATION:  11.50 spot, Cabrillo & Old Lighthouse
BEST LURES: Live skipjack and caballito for marlin or ballyhoo, sardines for dorado.
Based on the catches of Pisces.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Fantastic Fishing Continues - Marlin for Birthday and Then Some

Henry and Jose were out on their second fishing trip in Cabo with us aboard the C Rod and were our third charter after the hurricane.  On their first trip Henry got a blue marlin on his birthday, which is hard to top, but  C Rod pulled it off again and they caught and released two striped marlin, as well as losing two other stripers and an approximate 250 lb blue marlin that got away.  They did keep a couple of nice dorado for the table though.

As you can imagine, we are all thrilled to see visitors and the office staff got in on the photo with the anglers, including Daisy the Pisces Pug, who seemed to think that blue marlin head mount was real and was going to swallow her.

For more information about our fishing charters please check this page, or call us at Toll Free from US: 877-286-7938  and from Mexico: Tel: 624-143-1288

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

First Fish Caught After Hurricane Odile

  • Yea.....OUR FIRST FISHING TRIP AFTER ODILE, yesterday we had our first clients go out after the hurricane aboard Bill Collector: Sean Haberberger, Craig Harris & Tage Gill from Denver Colorado, had a great time catching a bunch of dorado up to 25 lbs on live sardines off of the Old Lighthouse. Everybody was so thrilled, that Captain Tony's cooked their fish for free and they had a huge welcoming committee with smiling faces.

    SECOND DAY FISHING FOR PISCES AND FIRST BLUE MARLIN...we only had one boat out, the C Rod, with anglers from Mt. Pleasant , Missouri. Henry Rozak flew in to La Paz and got ground transportation to Cabo (1.5 hours) to celebrate his birthday... board C Rod, where he caught his first blue marlin, on his birthday that weighed 300 lbs. His friend, Joe Strauss was able to release a striped marlin. The blue took a live skipjack and the striped a live caballito. The blue took 1.5 hours to bring to the boat which Henry decided to keep to share the meat with local fisherman and their families.